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Our services can be provided to clients directly but most frequently through alliances with professional solution providers. The most efficient way to provide RiskPoint Analysis is through the trusted professionals who have established relationships with their clients. These include wealth managers, financial planners, bankers, accountants, attorneys, insurance brokers and others.  


The RiskPoint Zone team coordinates with and provides training and support to these professionals on ways to best meet the risk management needs of their clients though the use of the proprietary eRiskPoints propietary application. Since risk discovery + resolution is a process, not a one time event, our team becomes partners with professional advisors in monitoring and measuring the elimination, mitigation, or transference of risk over time. We put you in a position of increased value and authority with your clients as you play a stronger role of trusted advisor, bringing expanded solutions to your clients' needs. 



A new feature that we would like to highlight is our RiskSolutions Library. Our RiskPoint Zone licensees are connected to a vast and growing network of experts (other licensees – solution providers such as accountants, attorneys, business strategists, wealth managers, insurance brokers, investment bankers, and others) to both provide and receive well-tested solutions. This powerful feature allows users to expand existing service offerings to their clients by leveraging expertise in other areas. RiskPoint Zone’s cloud-based RiskSolutions Library will continue to expand as licensees use the software, ensuring that the library will always be improving and up-to-date.



  • A new and valuable service that can be offered to existing clients, creating new revenues for the professional service provider using eRiskPoints cloud based applications.

    • This allows for a closer professional relationship with a client, placing a professional advisor is in a position to focus on the discovery of islands of risk, and the solutions required to resolve those risks.

  • This services that will attract new clients. Business owners are aware of the risks of black swan type events, from doing business in today’s world. The problem is, they don’t have time to identify the island of risk and then figure out how to resolve them. They need help! This is a service that will pay for its cost through increased reviews, the reduction of costs, and the increase in valuation.

  • It is not easy for professional service providers to differential their client offerings from their competitors.  RiskPoint Zone Licensees don’t have that problem.


Manage the RiskPoint Analysis with the  eRiskPoints tm Cloud based app.


This propriety application is designed to help professional wealth managers, and other professionals, oversee every aspect of the RiskPoint Analysis Management Cycle, preparing their clients for black swan events that could cost them millions.


Would you like a demo of a RiskPoint Analysis?

Our proprietary Cloud based risk discovery and resolution application.


  • RiskScan

    • The purpose of a RiskScan is to document a client’s concerns from a 50,000 foot level.  "What is keeping you awake at night?"  A business owner intuitively understands when an undiscovered island of risk exists. Documenting those concerns starts the risk discovery and resolution process.


  • RiskAnalysis Timeline

    • This includes the outline, scheduling, and management of all steps required to complete the RiskPoint Analysis process. 

  • RiskPoint Analysis for Business

    • Risk Discovery

      • Analysis of all RiskPoints, RiskDefintions and RatingRules will identify undiscovered islands of risk that could lead to business failure, should a black swan type event occur.

      • Financial Analysis 

        • This saves financial information as of specific dates, calculates key financial ratios, and breakeven information to be used in the RiskPoint Analysis.

      • The Interview Question Library is used to determine RatingRule matrix selection and to aid in client interviews.

      • The matrix of RatingRules is used  to determine the rating for each RiskDefinition and the discovery of islands of risk.

    • Risk Resolution

      • Determine the RiskRating Objective and track progress to a de-risked state.

      • EMT Solution Library

        • Select from the island of risk solutions for RiskDefinitions from EMT Solution Library,

        • Enter new EMT Solutions to build your EMT Library and to share with other users.

        • Enter and track Solution Providers for each client. 

        • Assign tasks to Solutions Providers to meet the objectives.

        • Track tasks to completion.

        • Version management

          • This allows for the assigning of a new RiskPoint Analysis for the client, and the ability to track more than one RiskAnalysis for a client at a time.


  • ROR Value Calculator

    • Estimates the valuation of a company and how much it will increase when the  rating objectives are met. 


  • Various reports for analysis, tracking, and client distribution

  • EMT Solution Groups for tracking solutions and related Solutions Providers across various Solutions.

  • My RiskPoint Zone

    • This allows  a client online access to information about progress related to  the Risk Scan and RiskAnalysis.

    • Sends out task reminder emails

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