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Work with a Back Office Support Specialist

RiskPoint Zone believes leveraging new technology, empowering support networks, and a simplified approach allows CPAs, financial planners, and independent consultants, to provide business clients advanced value creation services.

Advisers and their business clients benefit from the technology and back office support usually only enjoyed by the large international advisory firms.

Leveraging the RiskPoint Zone Solutions

Advisory firms will receive hands-on training and ongoing access to RiskPoint’s advanced tools and value-creation experts. Training will show a Certified Adviser how to quantify risk, create and prioritize solutions, and how to return value to the clients. It doesn’t end there – these experts are available on an ongoing basis to help the advisory firm succeed!

Tools and Advisory Network

Advisory firms will have access to the RiskPoint Zone cloud-based technology to give advisers access to an ever-evolving solution, services and communications platform. The RiskPoint solutions library and connections network gives the advisory firm access to a growing collection of peer-recommended answers to some of the client’s toughest questions.

RiskPoint Value Creation Tools

Our tools are easy-to-use but are supported by advanced technology and algorithms. So advisers can confidently help clients understand the current value of a business and what additional value can be unlocked through risk optimization. Advisers will be guided through data collection and assessment modules to help the client uncover and mitigate the unproductive risk, creating value.

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