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About RiskPoint Zone

Owners and managers of businesses often fail to recognize islands of risk that can hide in almost every part of a business. These risks, left unresolved, can grow and ultimately prove devastating to a business not prepared to handle a black swan or unexpect catastrophic event. Or, the business can fail gradually due to risks associated with operations inefficiencies and islands of risk. The need to de-risk a business is clear. The problem…how to discover and resolve these islands of risk before a business fails?


RiskPoint Zone introduces a proven cloud-based system of technologies and processes, to discover and resolve islands of risk before it is too late. This is done using an interactive business assessment, managed with a proprietary online application called This results in the assignment of solutions and solution providers to track the risks until resolved. This process eliminates, mitigates, or transfers the risks, while quantifying the value of each solution and prioritizing them accordingly.


RiskPoint Zone offers its system to consultants who serve small to medium size businesses. This provides new consulting revenue opportunities that create value for clients. The RiskPoint Zone system supports professionals that serve local, national, and international markets. Companies with several departments or stores can also benefit from implementing the service.

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