Our RiskPoint Analysis through our proprietary RiskPoints technology platform will help focus on areas of unnecessary or high levels of risk. We then work with our client's professional advisory team to provide solutions that address those risks. Often, each advisor to a is an expert in their area of specialty or trade, such as legal or accounting, however, the client is often not experienced in coordinating and integrating the efforts of these multiple advisors to ensure that solutions work together to accomplish their objectives.  We resolve this problem with our unique eRiskPoints process and solutions implmentation services.


There are three ways to address risk:  Eliminate, Mitigate or Transfer ("EMT") the Risk.  It can be eliminated by selling or transferring an asset to another person or entity.  Risk can be mitigated with appropriate legal strucutures by organizing corporations, partnerships, LLCs and/or trusts and other entities to legally protect an asset.  Or it can be transferred using insurance against damage or loss.


We work with our client's professional advisory team to create strategies utilizing all three.  Our EMT solutions are based on our proprietary RiskPoint  Analysis that will identify and then implement the appropriate method of addressing each type of risk which increasing company value.

EMTTM Solutions That Increase Value