What Disruptions and Risks are Causing Those Sleepless Nights?

Once business owners, shareholders, and key stakeholders view risk more broadly than as merely an insurance issue, they typically come to realize that their exposures are much greater than they thought. They then begin to consider how risk plays into these business issues:

Ownership and Shareholder Issues

  • Disruptive shareholders

  • Disinterested shareholders

  • Minority interest shareholders

  • Family member shareholders

  • Retiring or inactive shareholders

  • Shareholders with conflicts of interest

  • Shareholders who are not involved in the business

  • Employee stock ownership plans

  • Stock buybacks and internal buyout options

  • Sale, merger, acquisition, or business consolidations

  • No or minimal exit planning for shareholders

  • Leadership and Management Issues

  • Dysfunctional leadership

  • The wrong person in a key leadership role

  • Lack of management and leadership development

  • No or minimal succession planning

  • Life events – sickness, death, disability, marriage, divorce, birth

Business Operations and Strategic Direction Issues

  • Capitalization or re-capitalization

  • Lack of strategic direction

  • Poor organizational structure

  • Health and benefits cost increases

  • Turnaround initiatives

  • Collections and receivables risks

  • Pending lawsuits

  • Governmental regulatory changes

  • Market and industry changes

  • Disruptive and unstable competitors

  • Vendor and supplier instability

  • Unionization

  • Rapid growth initiatives

  • Charitable giving strategies

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