Risk. What you Don't Know Could Cost you Millions! more..

“The first duty of business is to survive  —  and  the  guiding principle of business economics
is not the maximization of profits — it is the avoidance of loss.”
Dr. Peter Drucker
Derisk your business using the  risk discovery+resolution methods provided by a RiskPoint Analysis.  more...
A RiskPoint Analysis discovers islands of risk that could lead to significant losses should a black swan event occur. RiskPoint resolutions eliminate, mitigate, or transfer those risks  to protect and grow the value of a business and estate through the avoidance of significant loss.   more...

What disruptions and risks are causing those sleepless nights?

Once business owners, shareholders, and key stakeholders view risk more broadly than as merely an insurance issue, they typically come to realize that their exposures are much greater than they thought.  They then begin to consider how risk plays into estate and  business issues.  Need help? Talk to us about a free RiskScan.



Ownership and Shareholder Issues


Business Operations and Strategic Direction Issues


Derisk your business or estate with a RiskPoint Analysis.

The term 'derisk' was used in the financial arena in 2008-2009 after banks that were thought to be 'too big to fail'...began to fail! Derisking became the process of removing risky assets from a bank’s balance sheet  and investment portfolios. The objective was to make sure the banks that did not fail at that time, would not fail in the future. The use of the term 'derisk', in reference to other types of businesses is just catching on.  RiskPoint Zone is one of the first to use it to refer to the process of making a business more stable and profitable in preparation for future growth or unanticipated Black Swan events. What are the benefits of derisking a business or estate using a RiskPoint Analysis?


  • Identifying islands of risk that could lead to the failure of the business

  • The re-allocation to balance sheet assets to provide the resources to grow a business.

  • Increases profitability and cash flows

  • To make debt financing a feasible option where it hasn't been in the past.

  • To make equity financing a feasible option

  • As risk is demonstrably reduced, the valuation of the business increases.

  • Allows owners and executives to sleep at night.