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Optimize Business Risk.

Grow Business Profits and Value.

Prepare for a Profitable Exit.

Risk is inherent in business and managing it can lead you to success. Optimizing risk can be the difference between sustained value and a disappointing end to a once promising enterprise.

Consider these questions.


What makes the RiskPoint Zone solution unique?


A business can be plagued with dozens of unidentified unproductive risks.  The business owner needs a way to identify and de-risk them, but lacks the tools, skills, or time to do that. A business adviser, trained in the use of RiskPoint Zone cutting-edge technology, benefits from a scientific and data-driven approach, can identify and optimize those unproductive risks.


Why is the RiskPoint Zone solution unique?

Both business owners and the business advisers benefit!

 The RiskPoint Zone proven technology is a better way for a business owner to grow value and prepare for exit.

Benefits for Business Owners



Advisers help their clients grow business value using RiskPoint Zone's proven technology.

 Benefits for Advisers

Is the view worth the climb? 

As business risk decreases valuation increases exponentially along the Risk to Valuation Curve.


Optimize your business risk, increase returns on productive risk, and grow company value.
There are two primary ways to increase value in a business
1. Increase cash flow from operations.
2. Reduce the business discount rate by reducing risk.

A RiskPoint Analysis addresses both ways of increasing the value of a business.

Business Valuation Calculator

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